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Nan Rowe: 





and Experience Architect.

Growing up in Chicago, she headed west to UCLA, leaving early to begin her professional career at ICM, a Hollywood talent agency. After eleven years as a film packaging agent she moved into film production. After a fulfilling career in the entertainment industry she was lured to AT&T where she spearheaded new marketing and branding approaches to win back the scores of customers that divestiture and competition had taken. As a successful Corporate Strategist she was soon courted by IBM.Tasked with bringing IBM into the fore front of the web space, she had the incredible opportunity to work both client side and agency side for IBM conceiving and putting in their innovation centers all over the world with an extensive team of incredible professionals such as Imaginary Forces, HOK, Ogilve Mather, Design Office, Nasa, The Disney Imagineers, etc. Her IBM project has been written up in “Architectural Record”, the Canadian and Japanese equivalents, “Azure” and “Eciffo”, “Communication Arts” and I.D. magazines. Portions of the project were nominated and accepted by the Smithsonian Design Awards. Other various  nods were welcomed by the team.

Through her tenure at IBM, she created a holistic approach to branding and marketing called “Experience Architecting” based on scientific methodologies and a process she created called “Root Distillation.” She constructs holistic customer experiences by the seamless integration of architecture, interior design, brand attributes, people, style, technology, multi-media platforms and rich content. She introduced a new set of ideas-not only about brands, advertising and marketing but also about leadership, authenticity and identity.

Ever conscious of the space she fills with experiences, her attention turned towards the environment which prompted her to start eMpact Designs. She was determined to employ her creativity and methodology with a stronger eye on the environment leaving less and less of a footprint in everything she does.

It was no surprise to find her pulled back to her roots in the entertainment industry with an opportunity to work with the 80 year old entertainment publication “The Hollywood Reporter.” She was tagged to oversee the branded production and creative direction of the 38th Annual Key Art Awards a significant and key tent pole event for the publication. The Hollywood Reporter was in the process of reinventing itself and its brand and hired Nancy Rowe and team for expertise in the experience architecting arena.

The mission, create an awards show so different yet familiar, so stylish yet considerate of the critical eye of the creative community embodying the key branding attributes of The Hollywood Reporter. Her personal goal within that mission, design a show with a lower carbon foot print that was environmentally conscious. With the high profile of Hollywood award shows, what better opportunity to lead by careful thought and constructive design. The “earth aware” perspective she brought is a notion that did catch on in Hollywood.

Moving away from outward bound services she started her own design studio dedicating herself to her personal ideas and experiences of what life should look like not only for herself, but for all those with immeasurable ideas, vast talent and the courage to display truth to a highly charged and divisive culture. 

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