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The "UNARMED" series (Six 11" x 14" pieces - One 3'x4' piece) goes beyond depicting vulnerability and strength; it delves into the uniqueness of women and their ability to bend, but never break, under the weight of life's chaotic challenges. These paintings try to capture the essence of how women navigate a world that often imposes binary and biological challenges which serve to confine them rather than celebrating their resilience.

Color, frequency, and resonance play crucial roles in the artwork, serving as catalysts intended to motivate and move women to overcome societal expectations and restrictions. Each brushstroke, every carefully chosen hue, carries a symbolic weight, representing the vibrancy and diversity of the female spirit.

Through these paintings, the viewer is invited to reflect on the unique struggles faced by women and to recognize the unwavering spirit that propels them forward. Ultimately, the "UNARMED" series celebrates their indomitable spirit urging society to recognize and embrace their capacity for resilience, self-determination, and liberation. There are five more pieces in progress that will join this series shortly.


A woman bends but rarely breaks when creating.  
This aura exudes imagination, inspiration and wit.  

Color Code 296D98 - Sun Alignment LIBRA

Wave Length 47-520 - NM Frequency 606 THz

(Click On Painting To Enlarge)



A woman bends but rarely breaks when disappointed.

This aura exudes harmony, health and heart.

Color Code AFE1AF - Sun Alignment TAURUS

Wavelength 550 -580 Nm - Frequency 545 THz

UNARMED Green_edited.jpg


A woman bends but rarely breaks when challenged.

This female aura exudes courage, passion and power.

Color Code A60027 - Sun Alignment  ARIES

Wavelength 625-720 Nm - Frequency 430Thz



Women bend but rarely break in life's chaos.  
This aura is positivity, optimism and enthusiasm.

Color Code FFA500 - Sun Alignment LEO

Wave Length 590-620NM - Frequency 505-480 THz

(Click On Painting To Enlarge)

UNARMED Orange_edited.jpg


A woman bends but rarely breaks in transformation.

This female aura exudes exuberance, devotion and desire for higher knowledge.

Color Code 7593A0 - Sun Alignment  SAGITARIUS

Wavelength 380-450 Nm - Frequency 688-789 THz

UNARMED Purple_edited.jpg


A woman breaks but rarely breaks when an underdog.

This aura exudes happens, radiance and sparkle.

Color Code 296D98 - Sun Alignment GEMINI

Wavelength 570-580 Nm - Frequency 508-525 THz



Her kindness, pragmatic determination, strong faith and courage under fire made her unbreakable.  Even through extreme heartbreak she persevered.  Ever curious and resilient in the world and polite to its contents, her light shown as glistening dew on all things she touched.  


Her sun alignment was CAPRICORN.  Her gentle ways are carried forward by my sisters and I. Her colors are pure radiance.

Her wavelength and frequency ceased at her passing on 8/16/2020  at exactly 6:30 PM in my arms. 

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