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BUILDING IN LA: A Painful Priviledge 

The demands, excessive requirements and varied departments that require sign off on ridiculous and over reaching exigencies is as much an honor as it is a punishment. Finally out of "plan check" after two years after submitting house plans, the city has come up just short of having me repave miles of hillside roads.  

Navigating the complexities of LA's building approval process is a daunting task, and it is unfortunate when these processes seem to hinder progress rather than facilitate it. Yet, how lucky to even be able to take on something like this. Enjoy my more painful moments.  (Click on each photo to enlarge)


"I Went In Unscathed"

Nancy Plans sitting_edited.jpg

"The Unprecedented Plan Changes Were Overwhelming"

Plancheck Agony

"I Had To Hire An Expeditor For $$$$$"

"You Want What??

"10 Shoring Piles, Retaining Wall With 28 Piles, 80 Feet Of New Cement Stairs For Fire Dept Access And Now You Want 1200 Sq Ft Of My
Land Deeded To You!" 

"Just Take My Fucking Blood, Why Don't Ya!"
(If my parents were alive it would have been "effing"

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